2021 Quantie Award Finalists and Winners

Congratulations 2021 Quantie Award Winners!

We’re proud to announce the winners in nine categories for the fifth annual Quantie Awards. The winners were selected by drawing on the collective intelligence of the DAA community. Thanks to all who nominated, cast their votes, and joined us at the Quantie Awards party to celebrate and vote for our winners!

We’re proud to celebrate these finalists and winners. Please join us in celebrating these trailblazers.

Best New Technology

  • Adobe Analytics Dashboards by Adobe (Winner)
  • Privacy Compliance by ObservePoint
  • Quantum Metric by Quantum Metric

Top Practitioner

  • Sharon Machlis (Winner)
  • Tushar Mukherjee
  • Gaurav Randhawa

Top Large Agency

  • Bounteous
  • MRM (Winner)
  • Neo Media World
  • Tinuiti

Difference Maker

  • Courtney Bittelari
  • Adam Greco
  • Liam Huffman (Winner)
  • Enrico Pavan
  • Krista Seiden

Top Analytics Educator

  • Elea Feit (Winner)
  • June Li
  • Sam Tomlinson

Top Analytics Team

  • Lenovo DIAS – Digital Insights & Analytics Solutions
  • LinkedIn GTM Data Science Team (Winner)

Top Small Agency

  • Blast Analytics & Marketing (Winner)
  • Course5 Intelligence
  • Evolytics
  • Nabler
  • Search Discovery

Top Consultant

  • Roland Ferrao
  • Jim Gordon (Winner)
  • Lindsey Peters

The Party!

The Quantie Awards is an annual awards program to recognize our industry’s trailblazers, educators, and technologies. This select group of innovative individuals, teams, and companies are nominated by peers for their excellence in data analytics. During the OneConference, join us next year for the Quanties Awards Show on October 19th at 6:00 PM CT live from VenueSix10. Please join us and be a part of discovering who the winners are and learning about their amazing accomplishments. It is also a way to demonstrate our thanks to the exceptional groups and technologies that make our work easier and more impactful every day.

The History

The first Quantie Awards was held in 2018; we congratulate our past winners (201820192020). Previously (2011-2016) this awards program was called the Awards for Excellence

The Process

There are two unique classes of awards:

  • Competition Awards
    Open to anyone. Voting members of DAA determine the top three finalists in each category. The finalists must be able to participate in a competition where they present their project/technology etc. Voting will take place during the OneConference to determine the winners. The 2021 categories in the competition awards are:
    • Top Practitioner
    • Best New Technology
    • Top Analytics Team
    • Top Consultant
  • Judged Awards
    Open to anyone. Voting members of DAA determine the top five finalists in each category. A panel of qualified judges then determines the winners. All finalists are recognized, and the winners are revealed at the Quantie Awards Reveal Party during the OneConference.  The 2021 categories in the judged awards are:
    • ​​​​Difference Maker
    • Top New Practitioner
    • Top Analytics Educator - NEW for 2021
    • Top Small Agency (revenues below $50MM)
    • Top Large Agency (revenues above $50MM)

Additional Quantie Details